This page is for my past and present musical projects. I was previously a member of the Vancouver-based band Dashing, the Ottawa-based band Eight Minute Veil, and the Kingston-based band Garçon Means Boy. I also produce my own material, which I’ve released under a Creative Commons license. Enjoy.

agon + alea (2018)

Inevitabilities (2011)

An acoustic set recorded June 19, 2011 in Vancouver. Available at here (zip).

Older Songs (2006-2008)

Transit (2008)

TRANSIT is an album released independently in 2008. DOWNLOAD the FULL ALBUM (via the Internet Archive).

  • Written and produced by Matthew Brehmer © 2008
  • Additional vocals on Distress by Andrew Fleming; lyrics by Andrew Fleming & Matthew Brehmer
  • Additional vocals and lyrics for Кроншта́дт восстание by Anamaria Crişan
  • Cover photography by Nathan Hum.

Math Grenades (2006)

The MATH GRENADES EP was completed in December 2006 and released online in 2007. DOWNLOAD the FULL ALBUM (via the Internet Archive).

  • Produced by Matthew Brehmer © 2006
  • Vocals and lyrics for Who You Want by Andrew Mouck of Garçon Means Boy. Additional guitar by Philip Horwitz
  • Guitar and trumpet on Math Grenades by Philip Horwitz
  • Math Grenades contains a spoken excerpt from William Gibson’s novel Pattern Recognition
  • Cover artwork: Keep It Together by Karen Galbraith.